BMW E36 340 LPH Fuel Pump Kit

BMW E36 340 LPH Fuel Pump Kit

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All Rally Road E36 Fuel pump kits now  include our custom made corrugated hose with one end sized specific to the BMW fuel pump housing and the other end sized for the fuel pump outlet.

Additionally, the kit includes Rally Road's billet fuel pump sleeve and two stainless clamps to hold pump and carrier in position.  We also include the correctly angled fuel pump strainer.  The result is an easy to install fuel pump which sits at the correct height and angle within the sump to ensure your fuel pump works until the tank is empty.

Included Nylon Butt Connectors are UL Approved and Gas Safe.

Choose between the HFP 340lph or Aeromotive 340lph fuel pumps.

HFP 340lph pumps are E85 compatible and come with a Lifetime Warranty.  If there is ever a problem, you only pay for shipping of the pump to HFP.

While costing more than the HFP pump, a single Aeromotive 340 has been proven to 700whp on many occasions.

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