BMW Adjustable Aluminum Transmission Mounts

BMW Adjustable Aluminum Transmission Mounts

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This is the adjustable version of our Solid Billet Aluminum Transmission Mounts.

Fits the Following Models:
E36 M3 all years
E36 325i 325is 328i 328is 328ic
E36/8 MZ3 Roadster and MZ3 Coupe
E36/8 Z3 Roadster and Z3 Coupe
E46 (all years and models)
Z4 (all years and models)
Also fits...
E30, E34, and E39.

Using these mounts with one fixed and one adjustable mount allows for a perfect preload on the transmission.  When using solid engine mounts and solid transmission mounts, it can create the "rocking table effect" that we've all experienced at a restaurant.  To solve this "rocking", we make one of the trans mounts adjustable, so all 4 mount points of the drive-line are properly loaded.

Machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum.  Virtually eliminates movement of the transmission and therefore missed shifts due to transmission flex.

Contains 1 solid mount and 1 adjustable mount.