M50 Intake Manifold ICV Fitting

M50 Intake Manifold ICV Fitting

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No more boost leaks from the idle control valve port under your M50 intake manifold!

This handy little part installs just like the factory piece but is secured with a zip tie or safety wire to ensure it will not come out under boost.

Machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum and anodized a brilliant red, this part fits like a champ and looks great.  It's too bad that it's not visible once installed, but it's there for piece of mind.

1 M50 ICV Fitting with O-ring
1 Zip Tie (High Temp-120lb tensile strength)

Fits all M50, M52, S50, S52, with M50 Intake Manifold Swap

Additionally, you can add our silicone ICV hose kit.

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