E46 M3 Rear Porsche Brembo Brackets

E46 M3 Rear Porsche Brembo Brackets

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Upgrade your single piston rear calipers to a 4-piston caliper from the Porsche 996 or Boxster S.

CNC Machined Brackets are designed to fit a Porsche 996 Brembo rear caliper to the E46 M3 rear mounts.  The rotor used is your standard E46 M3 328x20mm rear rotor.  You may use the standard rear rotors or two piece rear floating motorsport rotors (they are the same dimensions).

Brackets are made from high strength steel and cad plated for corrosion resistance.  The bolts are high grade steel 10.9.  Calipers are secured to the bracket with supplied bolts and lock washers.

Calipers used for this conversion are Rear Calipers from the 1999-2004 Porsche 996 (non-turbo), the Boxster S or the Cayman S.  All these calipers are made from the same Brembo casting.

The Porsche caliper part numbers for this conversion are:

996.352.421 (driver side)

996.352.422 (passenger side)

Calipers will vary in color between Porsche model and options, but the castings will be the same as will the piston sizes.  A pair of rear calipers can regularly be found between $250 and $350.  If you are having trouble finding calipers for that price, please contact us.  We may just have a pair of calipers to sell within that price range.

*For off-road use only.
*There is no machining required for the rear calipers to fit with this bracket.

Note: You may use the Boxster 2.7 liter FRONT brake pads in this rear caliper.  These pads extend down another 5mm and eliminate the small rust ring that can form.  When searching for these pads, just use the year 2000 Boxster 2.7 liter as your search vehicle.