E36 BMW Turbo Motor Mount

E36 BMW Turbo Motor Mount

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Because not every aftermarket turbo motor mount will work with every turbo manifold and turbocharger, Rally Road now offers two different motor mounts for different turbo configurations.

Using 3D design software and laser scan data from the OEM mounting arms, we can create a motor mount that fits perfect every time.

The lower motor mount works best with low hanging turbo manifolds and easily allows for up to a 3.5" air intake pipe and possibility of routing your charge pipe over the subframe and behind the AC compressor.

The second motor mount works best with higher runner tubo manifolds and allows for a 4"+ turbo intake pipe. NOTE: It will also fit with the Turbonetics/Godspeed cast manifolds, but will not allow for over the subframe pipes.

If you plan to route your charge pipe under the subframe, the higher Style 2 mount is the one to buy as it will give the most intake clearance.

Motor mounts to fit the following manifolds...
Technique Tuning
Steedspeed (E36 and E46 M3)
Godspeed (Turbonetics look-alike)
Active Autowerke

Motor mounts are constructed from steel and cadmium plated for corrosion resistance and good looks.