E36 Steering Column Mounted Gauge Pods

E36 Steering Column Mounted Gauge Pods

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Billet Aluminum.  Strong.  Very Functional.

These steering column mounted gauge pods for the E36 are an excellent alternative to A-pillar mounted gauges.

This gauge pod system has the option of coming pre-attached to a factory new upper steering column cover.  Simply remove your old column cover and install the new gauge pods.  Installation is clean and simple and requires basic hand tools.  If you prefer to drill a couple holes yourself and save some money, we sell the gauge pod assembly alone and you may download and print the template that you tape to your steering column and then drill 2 small holes.

Unlike other gauge holders, these pods are available in 60mm or 52mm (2 1/16 inch).  You may mix and match the pods to accommodate the gauges you want.  If you ever swap out gauges for a different size, simply purchase an extra pod of the correct size and install.  There is no need to buy a whole new system.

Steering column mounted gauges are more stealth looking and make for a cleaner, factory style installation.

Gauge pods and center bar are CNC machined from aluminum, glass bead blasted for a matte finish and then anodized black.  This reduces glare from the gauge pod system while keeping the black color and good looks of a CNC machined piece.

Gauge pods will pivot independently or can be swapped from left to right even if a staggered 52mm / 60mm setup is used.

NOTE1: We provide an allen wrench with these kits so you can swap gauge pods left to right or adjust them without purchasing any tools.

NOTE2: Included are several strips of felt tape that may be placed on a gauge to give it a snug fit in the pod.  Not all 52mm or 60mm gauges are exact size.

Click Here to Download Instructions

Right Click on the picture below and open the file in a new tab or save it for printing.

The longer part of the "T" is exactly 3.0 inches wide.
After it is printed, cut out the template.
The little tab gets folded over and placed in the recess of the upper column cover to help center the holes (left to right).