OBD2 Turbocharged Bespoke Calibrations

OBD2 Turbocharged Bespoke Calibrations

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Performance Tune for a variety of injector sizes.  We use a custom Hitachi MAF that is capable of measuring any amount of air your engine can handle. All of our tunes are dyno developed and we 100% guarantee the maximum power and drive-ability out of your setup.

This package includes a remote tuning cable which will be used to write the first flash and all revisions thereafter. This package includes 5 hours of revisions for dyno updates or tweaks.

-Proprietary 22rpd Stage 2 MAF
-MAF Harness
-Remote Tuning Cables
-5 hours of Support or Revisions
-No Injectors Included, please consult the build a tune page to see supported injectors.

-Speed Sensor Correction for E30
-EWS Deleted -Secondary Air Pump (SAP) Deleted
-Catalytic Converter Coding Deleted
-Rear O2 sensors Deleted
-Launch Control

A follow up email or phone call will be made before we write the tune to make sure all components are considered.