Rally Road BMW Oil Fill Cap

Rally Road BMW Oil Fill Cap

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No more drilling valve covers and installing crankcase vent fittings.  We have designed this Oil Fill Cap with a AN10 port in the top to allow our low profile AN10 swivel fitting to be installed.

The Cap was machine on a 5-axis CNC from 6061-T6 aluminum for a nice solid feel.  The machined retainer bar and expanding assembly ring are made from 316 stainless steel.  The same goes for our AN10 swivel fitting.  It's made from 6061 aluminum and the body is 316 stainless.  All orings are Viton for extreme long life.

You can leave your catch can hose attached to the cap and still easily remove the cap to add oil.  The fitting has a nice smooth rotation while still keeping a liquid tight seal.  This cap fits both the Plastic Valve Covers and the Magnesium (sometimes thought to be Aluminum) valve covers.  We have personally tested it on the M50, M52, S50 and S52.  It may fit other BMW engines (e.g. S54) as the OEM oil caps can sometimes be interchangeable.

Included is (1) Oil Fill Cap and (1) AN10 swivel fitting as pictured.

Install Tip: Use a little oil to lubricate the rubber seat on the underside of the cap and press down when turning.  This will help it rotate into locking position.