Rally Road E36 BMW Dual Fuel Pump Hanger

Rally Road E36 BMW Dual Fuel Pump Hanger

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Rally Road has designed a Dual Fuel Pump Hanger for the E36 BMW.  The cap is machined from a piece of billet aluminum.  The hose barbs and combined fuel passages are integrated into the lid to make this possible in a small package.

Allows for attachment of single feed and return lines when creating a custom fuel system.  Retains factory fuel level sensor.  Includes sealed wire pass-thru for pump and level sensor wiring.  Some wiring modifications will be required.

We include 6 pieces of color coded wire with each hanger.  2 for the Fuel Level Sender, and 2 for each fuel pump.  Also included is the "S" hose and two clamps to connect to the outermost pump.  This hose may be shortened depending on the type of pump used.

All Dual Pump Hangers now come with a 90 degree low profile -8AN fitting.  Available separately is a -8AN to 5/16 (8mm) fuel line adapter hose.

Will hold any combination of standard body fuel pumps.  Aeromotive 340, Walbro 255, Walbro 400, Walbro 485, HFP 340, etc.
This dual pump hanger has been proven on many high horsepower cars making between 700 and 1,000 rwhp.

*Fuel Pumps Not Included