Walbro 485 lph Fuel Pump with E36 Install Kit

Walbro 485 lph Fuel Pump with E36 Install Kit

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This single pump is one of the highest flowing around.  Supports well over 700hp in a Forced Induction application.

New Walbro 485lph Fuel Pump with CNC machined adapter sleeve.  Included are the correct fuel pump strainer and wiring pigtail.  This kit also comes with a custom sized corrugated fuel line and two clamps.

This pump with the included installation sleeve will require almost no fabrication to install.  The fuel pump sleeve ensures that the pump sits in the factory hanger at the correct height within the factory sump.

Included Nylon Butt Connectors are UL Approved and Gas Safe.

Basic Installation Instructions:
Remove the factory pump and hose from the housing.
Install the sleeve into the housing. Put the clamp on the bottom of the sleeve.
Install the pump up from the bottom. Tighten the clamp.
Install the hose and make it loop like the OEM hose.*
*Note: The pinch clamps are best for not putting a side load on the plastic barbed ends.
Install the pump strainer last.
Connect power wires using your preferred method.